After Books acquires Connors' nonfiction debut, available late 2023

APRIL 19, 2023 - ST. JOHN’S, NL - After Books today announces Michael Connors’ new book, Admit Strangers, will be added to its lineup of fall 2023 releases. 

Admit Strangers shines a light on a lively and often overlooked aspect of Newfoundland and Labrador’s political history — the Press Gallery Association — which covered the House of Assembly from the Association’s forerunner in the Colonial building, to its present incarnation in the Confederation Building. 

“As a former political reporter, Connors offers unique insights into the mercurial relationships among the media and politicians that informed the Association’s creation and evolution,” said Kelley Power, Director of Corporate Affairs with After Books. “Connors has the reader looking over the shoulders of larger-than-life premiers and tenacious reporters as they navigate questions we’re still asking today: How do we preserve free and independent media? Who is considered a journalist and, more importantly, who gets to decide? What is the government’s duty to communicate with the press?”

In addition to his work in political journalism, Connors also served as President of the Press Gallery from 2016-2022. At that time, he inherited the records of the Press Gallery Association dating back decades. These records, along with archival research and candid interviews with former political and media personalities such as Ed Roberts, George Baker, Bob Wakeham, and Barbara Pike give a holistic look at an institution that has played a key role in the province's media.

“As media, we get used to reporting the story, not being the story,” said Connors. “The deeper I went with the research, the more I realized the history of the press gallery was also a window into how media in this province have perceived themselves and their complex relationships with each other and the government in the 190 years since the House of Assembly was founded. That felt like something readers could engage with, since news media are the main source the public look to for information on the government’s activities.” 

Admit Strangers will be available for pre-order through the After Books website in May 2023. 



After Books focuses on province’s rich history of storytelling in new anthologies

ST JOHN’S, NL, January 26, 2023 - After Books Inc. launches with the goal of bringing more voices to the province’s literary market starting with the announcement of two new anthology collections. 

The mission of After Books is to amplify stories from our province’s known and soon-to-be-known writers, while adding to its rich and unique storytelling culture for future generations.

“In a world of increasing media consolidation, it’s more important than ever that avenues exist for sharing our stories,” said Amanda Labonté, editor. “With so many fantastic storytellers, we know there are countless unique narratives just waiting to be put to print.” 

The working title of the first anthology is Tales I was Told and will invite contributors to share stories that have been passed down. From the fantastical to the all too real, these are stories that will have shaped the writer into who they are, or who they’d like to become. 

“The collection is community-focused rather than place-focused,” said Labonté. “Whether a writer has lived here for a day, a year, or a lifetime, their tales are a part of our province’s folklore. We want to make more of these stories available to readers.” 

The second anthology is part of a new annual collaboration with writer and outdoor enthusiast Gord Follett and will publish stories about outdoor living. The first edition will focus on the theme Close Calls with Nature and will ask for contributors to share their close calls - whether real or perceived - with the weather, the wildlife, or any combination thereof.

“As an avid outdoorsman, I’m beyond pleased to partner with After Books on a yearly anthology,” said Follett. “With so many amateur and professional outdoors people both here on the island and in Labrador, the opportunity to share stories is a welcome addition to the community.”

After Books is an NL, Canada, publisher committed to great stories and a positive experience for writers at all steps of the publishing process.